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If you Would you like to be a guest on the
"The Ring of Hire Show LinkedIn Live Broadcast"

Results Staffing & Social Media Agency | The Ring of Hire

About Us

  • Live interviews
  • Tough Questions

*The Ring of Hire Show *

  • PodCast Founded in 2019
  • Host David Wilson
  • 20 years of staffing experience
  • Live interviews with staffing experts
  • Book Reviews
  • New product reviews in the staffing industry
  • Educational interviews
  • Live interviews with candidates seeking employment
  • Consulting for Social Media

How to do I prepare

  • Questions will be prepared prior to the show
  • Date and time will be sent to your email
  • Link from StreamYard will be sent to email thirty minutes prior
  • Sign on to show. You will not be live
  • Host will invite you on platform
  • Discuss all questions
  • Then go live!

Going live can be intimidating, so we put together these nine tips to help you prepare for a successful broadcast.

  • Define your goal. ...
  • Select your topic. ...
  • Determine your platform(s) ...
  • Choose your equipment. ...
  • Prepare an outline. ...
  • Promote your content. ...
  • Prepare your guest speakers. ...
  • Rehearse
Recruiting Specialist | Results Staffing & Social Media Agency

Senior Staff Recruiting Specialist with 20 years of providing value-led staffing and
operational solutions for global companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Crayola.
• Expertise includes full-cycle recruiting process, use of sourcing stools, social media
recruiting, technical recruiting, virtual staffing, one-stop staffing, marketing, and sales.
• Experienced in social media channels Facebook and leverage digital vehicles to promote the company and attract new talents.

David R Wilson

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